Shadow Hobo Joe

Shadow Hobo Joe

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Shadow Hobo Joe

Just out of work on the east coast, down to my last penny
Huddled by a sign post for a ride, but there wasn’t any
I got tired of waiting in the cold for such a long time
And started walking south toward the Mason and Dixon line
I thought I could make West Virginia in a couple days
If I could get some needed rest while I was on my way
By the second night I was stranded in a railroad town
My fortune was underhanded with cold rain pouring down
I was hungry as a hobo and the wind had a chill
When a locomotive sound, the cold silent darkness filled
The night train stopped and I saw extended a friendly arm
A voice said, come on up here stranger, the box car is warm
In the box car there stood an old man who said with a grin
Come on in here stranger and I’ll share my bottle of gin
I asked him his name and he said it wasn’t by design
I’m Shadow Hobo Joe of the Mason and Dixon line
So, I asked him how he came to be called by such a name
He said, stranger, this old train you’re riding on is to blame
There ain’t no hobo ever lived with a tale same as mine
I’m Shadow Hobo Joe of the Mason and Dixon line
We rode those rails for the better part of that awful night
Until the lights of the next train station came into sight
He said to me, well stranger, this is the end of your line
Up ahead I’ve gotta make the fork of the Brandywine
He handed me a thin dime as I heard the train whistle blow
Said, tell folks inside that Shadow Hobo Joe said hello
Then Shadow Hobo Joe and his train rolled into the night
I looked out through the rain but soon he was gone out of sight
I went inside the train depot to the cafe to dine
Told them Shadow Hobo Joe said hello, cup for his dime
If a pin had been dropped, you could have heard it down the rails
About every face in the cafe had turned deathly pale
I asked what was the matter, and did I say something wrong
Well, every now and then a stranger like you comes along
Every railroad man here knows about Shadow Hobo Joe
Stranger, listen to me, I’ll tell what happened years ago
A little down the tracks at the fork of the Brandywine
A train full of children was comin’ down ahead of time
Both trains were on the main line as they came into the curve
Would have been disaster if not for one who kept his nerve
Hobo Joe took control when the engineer froze in fright
He gave up his own life for a train full of kids that night
The freight train left the tracks at the fork of the Brandywine
With Shadow Hobo Joe of the Mason and Dixon line
Seems every now and then a stranger needs a place that’s warm
And just like to you, Shadow Hobo Joe extends his arm
Stranger, have another cup paid for with his life and dime
He’s Shadow Hobo Joe of the Mason and Dixon line

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I love anything to do with trains and this is such a good story! My oldest son is an engineer and has always been obsessed with trains. I think this is one of your best!