Faith Restored

Faith Restored

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Liner Notes: 

Jerry Here: Cindy writes all kinds of things that inspire me and this is one of them. This particular version is a little slow I think but does deliver the message. Also, I tried harmony on this and it just didn't work. I probably could played more music but I went with the original instrumental released for a singer. Thanks Cindy, and thanks everybody for listening.

Update: 9/13/2016 this demo has been updated to version 4.


Faith Restored
© 2019 Cindy Prince

The storm came
The damage was done
There was nothing left
Their lives were in ruin
The pews were empty
No choir to sing
What was the point
They'd lost everything

Then help came
And little by little
Their faith was restored
Nothing was the same
Life is so fragile
But all across the board
It was the helpers
And their trust in the Lord

The hospital was rebuilt
The school and church too
It is more than amazing
What many hands can do
Many trees were planted
Many bricks were laid
Even losing it all
They were glad they stayed

Repeat chorus

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This is a wonderful song of the power of community and compassion as well as the strength in faith. I really love the lyrics and hope it inspires people to help and gives those who need help hope that help will come. Beautiful song with the well paced and phrased delivery. I like the lovely instrumental orchestral feeling bridge and outro that provides the space for reflection and contemplation that the song deserves. I really love the vocals on this song as well. Beautiful message and gorgeous delivery!

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Hey Jerry, my friend you did an excellent job on your new song I like it bro. Your instrumental music sounds awesome. Cindy you did an excellent job on your lyrics I like it.

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you hit it mate. got the depth Cindys lyric needed! good one guys

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Oh this is marvelous Jerry! I loved the music and it is wonderful to hear! I think your vocals are just right! Thanks so much!

I listened last night and waited to see if still thinking about what stuck out to me. I am familiar with Cindy’s work and just writes, but once musicated considers what “what serves the song” so to speak. Then I read you prefer feedback. So since understand u r both open to comment:

For me, I kept listening for a pick up line, refrain, repeat, hook call it what you like Smile I started to hear one come through in my head and thought, — wow that could make it more than it is already, possibly.

I’ve learned to keep my lines to myself, and some may prefer the linear unfolding with chorus as is. So there you go on that.

Nice live guitar.

I’d cut back on the vocal reverb, there’s other ways to create separation, dimension, head space, — but a little slap back in a low dB repeat could be nice. There’s reverb on the drum sample too, not sure it’s needed. In audio on occasion if one add reverb on say just the snare the whole kit and even vocals can sound like it has reverb if the L/R separation is there and ez to do wo effects. But that is a production element and we are not supposed to comment that for a demo (but u have many notes above about it).

Since you play guitar so well, I’d add a 4 beat turn around somewhere if even just a partial pentatonic run over that chord, or the key note position.

Anyway — nice Crosby Stills Nash sound, “the storm came, the pews remained empty” — good stuff.

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First time your singing reminded me of Lou Reed. This is very good. I like the buildup; you tease with a little drums to later give more of them in the chorus (which gets better every new time I heard it). I was also impressed by the 'the storm came, the pews remained empty' part. Very good collab, well done.

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This has more of a pop (?) vein to it, I like it. I like the empowering message of overcoming tragedy and working together. "Even losing it all they were glad they stayed" is my favorite line in this. Very nicely done!

Wow, that's quite a difference. Hahhh, to bad you're in NV, or that I'm not there Smile Yeah, I won't comment since don't want you to loose your mind Wink w/thousand-mile production advice. The only thing you're dealing with now is likely "ear fatigue" and the differences now -- "most" folks in an audience won't "hear" anyway. So what I say now, most folks would go, huh? OK... and just enjoy -- it's the place to be in feedback-listening to know you're "done".
-- It's what I do when even leave an iPhone track up, as I do, since not sure anyone will really hear the difference.

(There's a few cell phone tracks on production songs in the main stream I hear of now and then, if true, -- in the mix since can't do it better in studio and forego the Fidelity if it could even be heard anyway.)

Anyway, back on point:
This track jumped out of my laptop PC speakers w/o headphones, -- that rarely happens (a great thing).

I'm not sure how it would sound but in reference to, e.g.,
"Then help came, And little by little"

-- in my style (again my style, and who cares?, call 'n response) I would *hit "then help came" *harder (?) if only slightly, [not sure how hard, but harder, and would experiment with all three words, but start with "then"], -

-- but would not touch the response, "and little by little", that I'd leave alone since modulates nicely as "finally" in audio-feel... then help came, in it's feel.

Yeah, now I'd start looking for "Reference" tracks to see how others Phrased vocally, to tweek things, but would let it sit untouched for 4-5 days, -- how I work. But, I tend to not make final decisions on tracks for a good long while and have deleted entire "collections", -- so some of my thinking may be flawed Smile just say'in Smile (fun though).
-- When I'm left alone with my music for too long, I either get hyper critical and remove, or go Smile "wow, I did that", -- funny how that works, aye.

The thing is, in this tweeking stuff, you can just add a *quick, spot, overdub tracks for that phrase, phrase-fragment -- see if even the "Doubling" of the phrase, phrase-fragment could punch it up. You have the potential to give folks chills with this one. I don't know, can't know how you work so I am just flow of thoughting stuff. You seem OK with that. Sometimes if I overdub, the track is isolated anyway, I deliberately wait for the section to start and sing "behind" it to make sure I hit my points of correction, and then I "slide" over. Of course, that can't be a doubled track, but you can then double that to thicken it. And sometimes I may add a .001 sec or two in reference to the beat. I've gotten fairly good at recognizing what a sound "LOOKS" like in Sine-wave and splice in on 0dB. In my one-takes, that truly are since if flub a phrase, keep going and just repeat it on beat... they always slide right in on beat w/o clicks and NEVER re-record end to end, -- not on a first pass demo (what all these are here on 5090, -- unlike you doing final work).

-- Anyway... stunning difference in this track; impressive.

(Wifey just walked by and asked what this was... -- good feedback, fyi, since normally not engaged since is hearing music all day long, hahhh!)

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Ooh yeah, this is a lively, vivid mix. I like it lots. I'd lower the tambourine's volume just a little for it's too dominant, but it sure has its rightful place. Thanks for letting me know about the mix, Jerry. I like mix changes for the better lots myself too. The acoustic sounds very good as well.

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I like the sense of ill at ease in the instrumental lead up to the chorus that belies the lyric a little bit. This has a cool combination of hopeful lyric and the dark sense of tragedy that underlies it. This music is really cool... by itself, but combined with the lyric it gives a larger sense and range of emotions.