Liquid Starshine

Liquid Starshine

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Liner Notes: 

I'm still here, kinda. Anyway here's some dystopian rap for some reason


I woke with a start from my end of the world dream
When you woke with a start from your end of the world dream
Synchronised sighs, some low-key screaming
Then back to sleep for more dystopian dreaming

They’ve announced it on the news, “we regret to say that sadly
We must find another home, we’ve messed the Earth up badly”
No time for doom and gloom - we’re heading off quite soon
The nightclubs are always open on the dark side of the Moon

We’re running out of time
So let’s leave this world behind
Get fucked up on Liquid Starshine

Back home our recreation is restrained by regulations
But up here there is no limit on our self-annihilation
A little twist on Moonshine has the oddest reputation:
It takes the brain, subjects it to a little liquidation

We fled a dying world, our heaven orbits hell
and we’re forgetting our flaws as we kill off our brain cells
A barren new planet to fill with our mess
as we bludgen our consciences into unconsciousness

We’re running out of time
So let’s leave this world behind
Get fucked up on Liquid Starshine
We’re running out of time
So let’s leave this world behind
Get fucked up on Liquid Starshine

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Thats a top track! Reminiscent of the streets and some really cool unusual music in there as well. Quality!

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Haha! Great vocals and the lyrics ring so true in these times.

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Sounds like a plan--forgetting our flaws as we kill off our brain cells. I'm not sure anyone has a better plan, actually. I really love the rap parts of this. And the way you sing that 'liquid sunshine' part at the end has a sort of heartbreaking quality to it. I'm glad you're (sort of) still here. There's still lots of time to fully materialize

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I can get with this. The flow on the verses is well done; an actual flow with good rhythm and emphasis at the right moments with the syllables you've written.
I know its lame of me, but I honestly always think of Slick Rick whenever I hear this kind of thing, UK verses/flow. Forgive me if you aren't actually from the UK, I tried to view your bio to see where you're from, but I'm getting an error when I try to view profiles at the moment.
Anyway, I dig your spitting here.
"Liquid sunshine" just is a very cool phrase...I don't know if that's some kind of alcoholic drink that everybody else knows about except me, or if its something you made up. Don't care, its a cool name/title.
The section from 1:46 through til the end is great. I particularly like your vocals there - the WAY you sing it and the melody itself.
Nice to hear this kind of thing here.

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I don't usually like rap, but 50/90 is full of wonderful rappers. You are not and exception to this. I couldn't help but groove to this, I love the melodic chorus contrasting with the verses. Very nice performance lyrics and message. Love the spacious timbre in the middle section. Nice work your voice is lovely.