Yourself isn't a someone at all

Yourself isn't a someone at all

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Liner Notes: 

This came about tonight. Had a trying day in the office and wanted to do something to just put my mind into neutral. So I looked back over this concept that a friend posted on Facebook (link to a jpg image below). Picked up the Schecter Omen VI, switched on the Roland GR20, fired up Reaper. No effects, no thought. Just let my fingers move where they wanted.

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This pulled me in right away. I'd say doing this is a great way to deal with a bad day! So nice!

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Nice field of tones, lots of space, but there's kind of a lot in it.

I read a book called "Savage Detectives" by Roberto Bolano where a major part of it is interviews with other people about their interactions with the main character. Very little told from his viewpoint. Bolano spent a lot of time imagining the selves everyone else saw.

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Yup there is a lot in here! Its very relaxing music but much more than just backing! Nice

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Nice concept! Your stream of consciousness is very listenable

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Wonderful rich sounds right from the start. I'm seeing a grand vista!

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I love this title and I loved how it evolved into such beautiful sounds and melody. That is a great technique to simply breath out all of that stress and fill the space in with beauty.