Holiday Mismatch

Holiday Mismatch

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Liner Notes: 

I must be in a questioning mood today! No answers because I don't have any! Biggrin


Holiday Mismatch
© 2019 Cindy Prince

What if ghosts and goblins
Came on Christmas morn?
What if on Easter Day
Was when Jesus was born?

What if on Veteran's Day
Veterinarians were proud?
What if fireworks were set off
In a giant mushroom cloud?

What if on Flag Day
You hung up a giant rug?
What if Mother's Day
Was meant for Lady Bugs?

What if on Thanksgiving
You only drank sherry?
What if on New Year's Day
You quoted the Virgin Mary?

What if on Valentine's Day
You sent out mashed potatoes?
What if on Memorial Day
You rented Winnebago's?

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I like that “whats this really about” feel, when you actually know all the examples. The thanksgiving verse threw me a bit having a different rhyming pattern to all other verses. Im still thinking them all through Smile

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The title caught my attention as a skirmish I did last week I got Labor day mixed up with Memorial day in my song. I think I like the Valentines Day section the best. I've never been good on that day. What's for supper honey? Mashed potatoes would be fine dear.