Curmudgeon At A Punk Show

Curmudgeon At A Punk Show

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Liner Notes: 

A friend and I went to this show on Friday night.

It wasn't strictly a punk gig, but it makes for a good song title, right?

The bands were Johnny Two-Fingers & The Deformities, The Beef Boys, and the guy we actually went to see, BA Johnston, who is almost the same age as me.

This tune is completely true (dramatized a bit for effect, of course; I'm not really that grouchy).

I'm sure some of you can relate.

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I'd love to go watch a show and complain with you some time! This is exactly what happens when you get old. Love the observations and the delivery.

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te funny thing is...i felt older and more out of place in clubs when i was 30 than when I was 50. its those early adult years when you realize you are not a teen any more that are the worst. when i was 50, i was thining about how old i was any more, and was playing lead guitar in a band of 20 somethings in all the downtown seattle clubs, the cool thing about was that all the young kids who came to see us thought i was a lot better guitar player than i really was...otherwise, why would tthosse guy want me in their band'? you did a great job of capturing the feeling of feeling old at a club show.populated by young kids, ,

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I've felt like this! But, I could never have made a song like this-so funny!

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Yeah i reckon its a middle age thing, you've absolutely nailed how i used to feel. I remember similar feelings, but now i don't care anymore! And if im tired i just have a snooze :-). Good one!

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Man, I know what you're saying. The out of place feeling... observing people recording their friends on cellphones instead of simply listening.. the long wait for who/what you actually came for. Glad you could get this off your chest in this song you shared. A song of jeez and sigh. Perfect.

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uke...went to see some bands the other to need a nap tomorrow...can clearly understand the there cell phones...hilarious...the headliner I came to see... 1 didn't fuggin tired...that's what happens when you get As an old dude myself, I can really appreciate this. Glad I stopped by and certainly picked the right song at the right time. Great job on this!

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So true, and so so funny through your telling of it. Really had me cracking up at every turn, and it’s downloaded for future emergency laughter needs and for sharing with other oldsters. I relived that desperate feeling that sets in after finding out when the show starts, and visiting the ladies room just to find something sound absorbent to stick in my ears. This could become a classic.

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Oh, that’s three chords and the truth right there. I have been to that show. I guess a lot of the music we go see also has folks our age. Bands from when I was young who are still around. But still. This song is the truth.

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I sympathize 1000%! Love the repetition of "loud" ... and "that's what happens when you get old." I stopped going to shows years ago for those exact reasons. Curmudgeon on!

Man, oh man, this may be the greatest thing recorded for Fifty/Ninety, ever. I was laughing so much that I had to turn up the speakers up loud to hear what was going on, which is kinda ironic. Curmudgeon rock; there's a movement I am *totally* on board with. The level of exasperation I can hear in your delivery is priceless.

This could be me at pretty much every gig I go to these days. Downloaded!

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Ha! I was born old. I never had the tolerance for this sort of thing.

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Hey, this just happened to me, too!
My daughter and I were wandering around our downtown, and we turned down a side street, and we stumbled upon a punk show in front of a tattoo parlor.
Good old-guy storytelling. I totally relate - but no way I stay out past 9 anymore.

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yeah, the title is catchy. It drew me right in. And I can relate to the whole "just watch the show" bit. Yeah, I've been here a couple of times. Even when I'm trying to be cool.