Burn Bones

Burn Bones

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Tonight we’re going full Death of the Author
No-one’s ever gonna speak directly to me again
Take note of the date
File it away, let’s get this straight
My personal interpretation

Makes no difference
But cuts me off
You’re just a channel
And I’m your loss

After hours I get sick of smiling
Don’t wanna put up my charade anymore
So better look alive
When I write, I might thrive
I understand your journey but I’m not letting you drive

Because it makes no difference
I’ll cut you off
You can’t be trusted
And it’s reason enough
Your art’s still good
When it’s brick by brick
But the institution hides
Entire skeletons to pick

And you can’t burn bones
Yeah, you can’t burn bones
Oh, you can’t burn bones

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The mood of the music fits the lyrics perfectly. Solid song, as usual!

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love the song, especially the title phrase repeating at the end. but i dont know whether this is from the point of view of the reader or the author. or maybe im way off the mark altogether. even if so, it doesnt hinnder my enjoyment of the work,

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Oh this is very good! your just a channel and I'm your loss! Great line. Good lyric nicely done. Probably my fav of yours!

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This playing is rather different from other songs I heard from you. I love it, the lyrics and your overall performance.