True Love Lives

True Love Lives

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Liner Notes: 

I woke up around 6:45 with the first line of this song. I wanted to roll over and go back to sleep, but I knew there was a 50% chance the idea would be gone, so I got up and scratched out the first verse. Then after email, watering my flowers, putting dishes away etc. I hurriedly wrote and recorded the whole thing. 5 songs to go! Yay!


True Love Lives
Susan Cantey © 2019

Well you think the chance for happiness has somehow passed you by
And finding true love is pie in the sky
Now that you are old, you think the flame can’t be lit
But true love arrives when you’re least expecting it

Yes, true love lives
Yes, true love lives
Waiting round the corner
Watching all the while
True love will find you
He’s just out of sight
Yes, true love lives!

The fall turns into winter and the skies turn grey
The fire in the fireplace seems to fade away
But one thing is for certain, spring will come again
Old and young alike will be revived then


Flute solo

Repeat verse 1


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cindyrella's picture

I love early morning inspiration-although sometimes I fall back to sleep. You are getting very close to the finish line! Love the flute solo!

coolparadiso's picture

one of those songs you think you sort of know. its just in such a classic style. A really good listen. your vocals up and down the scales are top class.

sbs2018's picture

Yes, so important to capture it when inspiration hits. Beautiful song/delivery!

kahlo2013's picture

Oh this is so lovely! Wonderful flute solo! I love the optimism regarding true love. Your melody with your lovely vocals and harmonies carries the sentiment so well. Glad that you did not let this one go!

owl's picture

This has such a pretty 1960s folk song kind of feel to it! Lovely vocals and flute solo. Nice work!