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Liner Notes: 

Those after hours dance parties at TJF - you have to love 'em. We in here, people! This is just a sample. You got to have VIP status to hear the full track and it's FUNKAYYYYYYY! Y'all don't be knowin'.


Wild style messin' u up
I come with it
Workin' all up in your mind
I done split it
1 thing out of your mouth and then next
U movin' 2 the beat of my groove like wild sex
Sweet on the tip of your tongue is my essence
Possession all over your frame is my presence
Gotcha crazy 2 the point of the beat
U can't hold it
Crackin' like a fiend on a high 2 control it

Check us out...nightly.

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Nice grooooooooooooove. Fun stuff-- sounds like it's getting wild in the jelly factory all right!

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This pulsates with an evocative erotic kind of decadent feel. The strong beat and bass with the layers of synth and vocals on top work perfectly to convey a sexy kind of forbidden feel. Well done! Hot!

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Takes me back to when I would be riding in the car at night with my cousins on the weekends. Extended radio spots/intros for the new DJ taking over at the top of the hour. In even younger days, I'd always wonder "is this a song? i've never heard this one..."
Mashup of vocals here give that radio spot vibe, but the solid musical backing puts me more in the mind of what Bill said with NPG, and makes me want more of it.
Didn't expect the whispered verses; nice touch.
Deep r&b freak funk with an updated feel.

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Great radio spot at the beginning there.
I'm liking the vocal delivery here.
Lovely use of soundclips and vocal fragments.
Wow, yeah, so nice!

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Craig... I just absolutely love everything you do! It's magical! Another fantastic collaboration. Excellent work for a radio spot! I haven't run across @TJF_Afterdark before, but you can bet I need to now! Smile