I cried a thousand tears

I cried a thousand tears

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Liner Notes: 

I've been doing more youtube tutorials. This one was entitled "Hard Trap". I did the tutorial then pulled it apart and put it back together like this.


The words you speak pierce my skin
The poison tip sinks in
Works its way into my bloodstream
I can't escape your inprint

I cried a thousand tears (and you felt nothing at all)

Start believing what you tell me
Start to identify as a freak
Look wrong; act wrong; sound wrong
That becomes so much of who I am

I cried a thousand tears (and you felt nothing at all)

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This is smooth. Remarkable how well your melody and vocal fits with this beat. It's probably just my lack of listening, but the beat by itself would never conjure this style to my mind and you've nailed it, I think. I like your lyric very much. That distant response at the end is extra tasty.

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Short, succinct, strong hook that is so effectively delivered with your great vocals over the electronic track that breaks perfectly in the right places. The repetition of the chorus/hook line with the more subtle parenthetical phrase is very powerful.

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The lyric is deep...very effective lines that are so visual. The music sounds great as the story is told. Great vocals too with the echoing etc..it all works very well together!

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Wow, this is wonderful, powerful and an excellent song!

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Enjoying your journey into this style of hip hop.
Solid choices with sounds used, esp the arp.
Industry standard drum pattern with the appropriate vibes.
Excellent chorus.

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First that electronic background is so, so, so mysterious and alluring, it never lets you go, then your siren like vocals hit and we're drowning in the feelings you create, these tears. It's really sad that people can have this effect you describe, it doesn't matter how sure we are of ourselves, there are always those that know where to hit us. Still, you transformed this into an awesome piece of music, so, joke's on them. You really are a siren, good lord.

This is definitely the tutorial I did! Sounds cool! I want to hear more of those backing vocals. That really adds great texture and depth. I also really like the delay you have on the main vocal. Love the way it trails at the end of each line. It's great. Really sad lyrics. Unfortunately we all know that feeling.