Celtic Disco

Celtic Disco

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Liner Notes: 

Hmmm... this one came about quite by accident while working on a track with @Amanda West - http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/38248

This was an idea for a riff that I binned... then came back to this evening just as I was about to shut down the studio for the night.

Rough, but I will definitely be tidying this one up. Smile

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This is ace! Great mix of genres - you've got a trad folk tune played on a rock guitar over an EDM beat and it really has no right to work, but it really does. I'd possibly dial back the delay on the guitar a bit to keep the tune a bit more precise, but only if I were being picky :P

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Celtic Disco, now there's a new genre ! Definitely bouncy and fun, and most certainly Celtic Smile Too short !

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Excellent piece of music! I was thinking nice track, them that Celtic feel lifted it to another level. Its really good.

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This is really fun and fantastic! I love the Celtic infused feel and the energy that evokes! Makes me want to get out my bodhran and play alone. The title caught my eye and this is truly better than I imagined! Really love the feel and could enjoy lots more music like this!!

As our friend Gerrybhoy would say; 'Does what it says on the can.' Dancin' good time!

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So, now, I saw this title early in the morning today, but since it was a busy day - even for a Sunday - I thought I come back to it later - now - as the title alone hooked me for it being a really bold statement, combining the two, or relating to a disco song in a celtic thinking, or the opposite. And DAMN YOU DIDN'T DISAPPOINT, this is an incredible blend of both and I can even hear some metal in it. I think this maybe one of the best - if not the best - instrumentals I've heard here. VERY NICE. Loved it.

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I finally got back to this and how awesome! I want to dance or at least watch some dancers! Fabulous!

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Welcome to Celtic dance crazes! A few repeating verses and we have the next winner!