Damn Friggin Storm

Damn Friggin Storm

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Liner Notes: 

Jerry Here: Jimmy was getting hit with a bunch of storms during the spring of 2017 and I ran across one of his songs. This song has never been released. I may have played a rough draft, I don't remember. It is new today though and something never change. Thanks for listening.

Special note: I got a tip from a professional singer @phoenixash this morning to try to use my lower register in my singing.so I'll be trying this later during the skirmish as well. Thank you very much for that tip.


Damn Friggin Storm

Damn friggin storm
Damn friggin storm
He’s got no more power
To microwave the popcorn

Damn friggin storm
Damn friggin storm
He can watch one episode
On the Hulu subscription

Damn friggin storm
Damn friggin storm
But the streaming keeps spinning
Without an internet connection

Nice, the internet is working again
Nice, I can watch Hulu again
Oh crap, I guess I’ll just go to bed

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Were you at my house last night? I didn't lose power but that lightning and rain! This made me smile!

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Hey Jerry, my friend wow and many thanks bro. You did an excellent job on your new song I like it. Your guitar solo sounds awesome.

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Yeah man i know the feeling. Like I've felt with these hurricane winds and bush fires, they really pee you off. Yes loss of power and internet. You tell it and deliver it well

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This is great! I love the pacing and repetition of the hook to kick the song off - it really creates the mood of the aftermath of a storm. Your delivery if perfect. I like the examples you give - microwave popcorn and Hulu watching - adds a sense of quirkiness and sarcasm. That is a killer guitar solo by the way.

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So very descriptive of our dependency on electricity for everything, suddenly without it we can't do anything, even feed ourselves. Our ancestors would be ashamed hahahahaha very good and funny lyrics about a very unfun episode in normal life. Vocals sound really good! And thank you so much for the elevation to professional <3 I truly hope to live up to that soon

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What a cool change the bridge is. Love that happy-ish bass. And I get the feel of the guitar solo too. It's intuitive without caring to do all the notes right. The 'damn friggin storm' gets more and more meaning while also not losing the fun of it.