Is This the World?

Is This the World?

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We don't know where this will end
But it isn't looking good
We aren't doing what we can
We aren't doing what we should

The temperatures keep rising
Each year hotter than the last
The weather isn't what it was
The climate's changing oh so fast

And the questions
Keep arising
And we have to ask ourselves

No-one knows how long until
The crucial tipping point is crossed
When there is no going back
And everything we've built is lost

And the questions
Keep arising
And we have to ask ourselves

Is this the world
That we want?
Is this the world
That we deserve?

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This is where club pop is at! I love the organ timbre, it gives even more depth to the poignant lyrics, the bass is groovy. Very good danceable electronic tune.

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may be the best song on climate change i have heard. regardless of that, it is excellent electro-pop. there is so much.functonal space in it, that it is ripe for several re mixes, as well.

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I like your melody and your vocal. Your phrasing is good and I like the space between the notes... the way it feels.

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Great topic and a really good song. Such a good song hopefully people will listen to the message. Nice.

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Important and interesting subject and you handle it very well. The first verse is the most fundamental. Why on earth aren't we doing what we should or not even what we can? I also like the main hook. The organ is dramatic and serious giving the song an appropriate tone right from the beginning. The music is poppy and danceable making the heavy message easier to digest. Nice work and bonza song!

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I dig the music here, and the vocal delivery matches the era and puts me there.
The chorus melody sounds good.
I like the sounds you used to compose this, especially the arp coming in at around 1:04ish.
Lyrics that make you think about what's happening around us.