Walking On Hot Coals

Walking On Hot Coals

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Liner Notes: 

Jimmy sent me these lyrics last night and I'm making good on it tonight. Thanks for listening.

Production notes: Played it mostly live. Production time 3 to 4 hours


Walking On Hot Coals

Walking On Hot Coals
The sensation followed his toes
Walking On Hot Coals
He is enjoying it through his nose

His girlfriend turned on the hose
For a long time he said no
He is close to his goal
His feelings he did not show


His smile came on slow
He continued to go on a stroll
This bed of fire had been his soul
It didn't get out of control


Nicole didn't know how much water to throw
He has an excellent ear for the flow
It's not necessary for him to go
He was seen everyday with a bag of charcoal
This stunt was for Nicole
For beautiful Nicole

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Hey Jerry, my friend wow and many thanks bro. You did an excellent job on your new song I like it. You guitar solo sounds awesome.

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The guitar sounds really good and you are very successful in providing a fun soundrack to the moment described. Very nice.

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i cant quite figure out exactly what is going on here, but it sure is fun...and funny. and when the lyric runs out, that shredding guitar takes over and sends everythng over the hot coals and no hose can cool it off, not even it you blow it through the nose.