280-Pound Canary

280-Pound Canary

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Technicolor Gramophone Records: 280-Pound Canary

Liner Notes: 

I heard an announcer refer to someone as looking like a "280-pound canary," which gave me the idea. Just started fiddling around on the bass and then added keys ... and guitars ... and more bass ... and vocals.


Be wary of the 280-pound canary
it may hassle you with its giant wings
its talon-like things
the yellow rings
of angry flesh
oh yes
cos its gonna get revenge
at all the miners
who used to lower them into mines
to see if they smelled any gas
if they did they died
if they didn't they didn't die
so that is why
the giant
280-pound canary
came down from on high

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a strong poem,almost biblical in its ferocious moriality. the bass line is so ominous. all the other musical parts are sprung from it, hang on it, encircle it, dive through it. another one of my favorites, both for the adventurous music and the direct hit torpedo of a lyric.

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Looking at the lyrics...lol...this is killing me. I like it...the 280-pound canary...it's cool. I'm ready for the audio...hold. Interesting guitar sound...synth bells...not quite sure...cool riff...vocals now...nobody like you anywhere...sounds great...lol...canary....angry flesh...oh yes...some other kind of synth....vocals carrying this tune...and that guitar riff...I have no idea how you make those sounds...sounds like violin bow over electric guitar like Jimmy Page...the giant 280-pound canary...it's scary...quite inspiring...I want to try something unique like this...that guitar riff consistent throughout and sounding good. Ok, it's over. Well, I certainly like this a lot as I do all of your stuff. Great job.

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Love that low guitar line and the wonderful build of layers. Cool vocal effects. Intriguing creative lyrics that has a quirky dark message! I enjoy your musical ideas that take me on a wonderful adventure!

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This one is one of the more melodious songs I've heard from you. It has many spaces, but these spaces are so, so full of feeling and wonder which makes a stark contrast with the dramatic yet funny lyrics. I really think you have a dark humor, sarcastic and ironic master piece here. I don't know whether to laugh or worry. I'll take it serious and ran away from it if I spot it. Very good work.

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Such a cool and nice bass. The image of the canary taking revenge is quite scary, it works great. You made this creepy and eerie to the max. It's great!

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Cracking title drew me in! I remember the stories of the miners with canaries! Music has very ethereal haunting feel. This is good one.

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Yes, I would be wary of such a bird. I'm not too concerned, though, cuz I've never lowered a canary into a mine, and I can handle a little hassle. And those talon-like things don't scare me too much. Speaking of scary, the guitar thing at about 2:00 is pretty creepy-cool. I'm loving the idea of a giant canary bent on renwengay

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Really great atmospheric beginning.
Excellent lyrics, as usual.
Nice bass line, as usual.
"It's talon-like things" lol
The guitar is really effective and menacing.
Yeah, I really like this one.

Great, trippy bass riff to kick this one off. It sounds like you had lots of fun finding out where it was going to take you - the dreamy synths, the distant fuzz guitars, and the story that takes a bonkers premise and runs with it to its logical conclusion... Splendid stuff, and great fun!