My Memories

My Memories

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Liner Notes: 

Mini super skirmish Saturday 7/09. Theme: Memo/Memories
It is getting late so I didn't have a chance to compose music but I came up with these words. If anyone feels interested in collaborating with me please let me know. I don't have music in mind. I often either compose music or write lyrics and only occasionally come up with lyrics connected with my music. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.


My Memories
Lyrics ©2019 Nadia Cripps

My memories rush back… positive, negative
I try to hold onto happy ones but how can I?
You took everything to heart being super sensitive
Any bad remark from strangers made you cry

I find some memories are pushed back
I need them all but they are mostly blurry
What I remember is your small dark grey rucksack
You looked different but I didn't know I should've worried

Now I think it was a sign but maybe it's because I know
What happened after our last day with you
How I wish I didn't let you go
But how could I stop you? What could I do?

Memories rush back but it's too late to change what happened then
Wish I could turn the clock back and have my chance with you again

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This is like a snapshot, a polaroid picture that I'm watching develop in front of me. (Do you remember those cameras? You'd snap a shot and it'd print a picture then you'd blow on it or wave it in the air and it'd develop right there?) You capture that sense of regret and 'what might have been' with this lyric.

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Some memories are so hard and you capture that so well in these lyrics. The feelings are palpable as is the longing.

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Yes it's a I want it I want it not scenario. I want to remember but I don't. Nice one

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This is both vague and specific all at once. There are details, but we don't know what's going on, what the context is, and we don't need to. What we do know is the feeling of loss is genuine and we can all relate to that. Nicely done. <3