Dorion Hotel

Dorion Hotel

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Liner Notes: 

I combined the dorion mode challenge with autopilot casio, and orff xylophone. It is probably a failed experiment, but I had a fun 90 minutes monkeying with it.



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Cool use of the rhythm track as the bass layer for the xylophone Dorian mode melody. The juxtaposition works effectively to create the sense of being in a new place, like a hotel, where things are interesting and unfamiliar. Thanks for playing to the skirmish prompt!

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Very cool take on a skirmish prompt and nice to hear Dorian mode also, an extra bonus Smile

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I love the music mix-that xylophone is perfect. Super skirmish!

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I like the rhythm, the beat. It's a cool sound. And your melody was light and fun and happy. Things I would like to feel about now.

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Awesome! You should monkey around more often. It's quite therapeutic, and you never know what you might end up with. It might be total crap, but it might be frickin great too!
I like the beat. The melody isn't quite sure of itself, but I mean that in a good way. All the background instruments are good and steady behind it giving it freedom to explore. Melodies need to go exploring more often. Smile

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Why failed experiment? This is cool, very cool, the bass line is a killer with the beat, really makes me feel like a hotel entrance, and the xylophone "monkeying" adds a layer of abstraction. Very interesting piece.

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The combination of sounds here is cool, I like the very synthetic-sounding Casio business with the organic and human xylophone. The parts where the melody goes high are my favorites. Fun stuff!

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Fun song, and I would say successful experiment! I had to google "orff" - interesting. And I kind of want a xylophone now!

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I’m thinking about getting my little Casio keyboard out again, and went looking for things like this.

The combination of retro disco and xylophone is a sweet one. I like the higher pitched casio part that comes in now and then in the background.

Fun tune