Memory and Marrow

Memory and Marrow

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Liner Notes: 

This was originally a poem I wrote after my brother Bruce died-11 years ago today. Decided I wanted to expand it, and make it a song.
He was the most fun-lived life so fully.


Memory and Marrow
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Seeing that faded photo of Bruce again
long hair, suede coat, guitar
leaving for California
I remember how it seemed so far

And it seems like a blip of time
since he was standing there,
posing for that picture
It seems like a flicker of time

I will always miss him
His goofy and spirited ways
I'm thinking back this morning
Of one of the hardest days

Then time and space move on and we
are scattering his marrow across the
same hillside he stood so near.
Even now I still tear up

And then I thought about memory-
how a memory of a loved one
goes through your brain, heart, cells
And my heart swells with love

It goes even down to your marrow
And so do all the memories
Even with all the sorrow
Memories and marrow

Repeat chorus

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I like this one, allot.

And, since I know you're "ok" (or were), with more than "reads good like it",
-- "His goofiness and spirited ways" to [his goof and spiritness ways] (I don't know why, just say'in Smile ) and maybe drop an end of line "Note" like the [up] but one never knows 'till musication time, -- just how I heard it in my head while reading real time.

I like that I read it as a "happy", so to speak, memory/song, -- it's the focus I try to have, -- what I had, not lost, since, life, is all loss anyway Smile whatyahgonnado!