The Long Drive Home

The Long Drive Home

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Liner Notes: 

This is a song about regretting the one that got away. You have a lot of time to think when you have a long drive home.


The Long Drive Home
© 7/9/2019 C. Stewart

I wonder what it would be like just to hold you
And stare into your eyes face to face
I want to have the courage just to tell you
That you make my world seem such a better place

But all I have is an image in my memory
And I take it out when I’m feeling all alone
I can’t escape this feeling that you’ve passed me by
It’s my one regret, I can’t forget
The long drive home

I knew that circumstances kept us parted
And there were hurdles that came up along the way
But all I ever wanted was to be near you
It didn’t matter to me what price I had to pay


I didn’t mean to leave you wondering
I didn’t mean to make you cry
It seems that the both of us were wondering
But none of us were asking reasons why

I’d love to pick things up from where we left it
I know the chemistry between us still remains
If we could give each one more moment
Our lives will never ever be the same


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Corey - this is great! I gravitated readily to the theme. Great performance and I must also admit the verse chord progression is familiar, you made it unique and yours alone. Fantastic work all around!

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I have had a few trips like this! Your talents are so amazing and go across genres without any problem. I hear a little Keith Urban here. Excellent writing and a hell of a song!

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Love that simple guitar riff in the intro—not fancy, but effective. Catchy chorus too. For me, long drives are always an opportunity to reflect and write lyrics in my head.

At first I wasn’t sure if these people knew each other very well, maybe the protagonist only admired from afar. But in the bridge we find out there is a feeling of loss for both the characters in this story.

I like that it ends on a positive note of hope.