Is It Yeah, No--Yes? Or Yeah, No--No?

Is It Yeah, No--Yes? Or Yeah, No--No?

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Liner Notes: 

Has someone every given you the answer "Yeah. No. Definitely." And you didn't know if that meant "Yes" or "No?" Well, that's what this song is about.
It sounds so contradictory to a word nerd like me. But here's a link to a New Yorker article that kinda makes sense of it.

While I'm being a curmudgeon, I also hate when I order a coffee at a coffee shop and they say "No problem." Why would that be a problem? You're a freaking coffee shop, that's what you do!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the song. I've been so overwhelmed this summer, I haven't given 50/90 the love it deserves. Best wishes to all out there.


© Mark Greenberg September 6, 2019

I’m not afraid to tell you what you mean to me
But you shroud your thoughts in a kind of mystery
Could you care for me someday like I care for you?
You tell me “Yeah, no, baby, it’s totally true”

How about an answer I don’t have to guess
Is it “yeah, no—no?” or “yeah, no—yes?”

Hey, aren’t you getting hungry, should we grab some food?
You answer “Yeah, no, baby, it’s all good”
Love me? Hate me? Should I go or stay?
You answer “Yeah, no, baby, I mean totally!”

Don’t get angry, don’t get bent
But it’d be totally awesome if I knew what you meant

How about a simple answer so I can know
Is it “yeah, no—yes?” or “yeah, no—no?”

Am I not a fool for thinking there’s a place for me?
You tell me “Yeah, no, definitely”
So if I were in trouble would you lend me a hand?
You say “What about yeah/no didn’t you understand?”

Yeah, no, yeah, no It would be terrific
Yeah, no, yeah, no If you were more specific
Can you give me an answer that I don’t have to guess
Is it “yeah, no—no?” or “yeah, no—yes?”

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Dude! That hook is pretty cool! I dig it. And yeah - I definitely been in situations such as this. And yeah, it's always been when I wanted to dates someone. I wonder why that was?

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Hahaha! I hate that when someone says "no problem", when they are supposed to be doing their job. It might be funny if you said,"What? It was going to be a problem?"(People don't really think about what they're saying-and it seems like a younger generation thing. Who sounds OLD now?!!)
I really like the bass line and all the parts, they way it came together. This has a retro-vibe to it.

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Interesting article, and a clever song you have here! I'm not a word nerd, but subjects like this are fascinating.

If Randy Newman had been the lyricist for Steely Dan, I think this is the sort of thing we'd be listening to more often. Great fun!

And it reminds me of the (no doubt apocryphal) story of the schoolteacher in English class who asserts that while two negative statements are often used to convey something positive, two positive statements are never used to signify the negative. At which point a small voice from the back of the room drawls, "Yeah, right..."