In Far North Idaho-I-O

In Far North Idaho-I-O

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Liner Notes: 

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In Far North Idaho-I-O

Come now all you jolly cowboys
How far north would you like to go
Would you all like to ride the trails
In far north Idaho-I-O
In far north Idaho

We’re riding up to Idaho
That’s what we greenhorn cowboys say
But riding up to Idaho
Might just depend upon our pay

Tail boss said he’d pay good wages
And pay the stage to there and back
But place your X on these pages
That you will stay and not backtrack

Now, greenhorns if you get homesick
And back to the warm south you go
You won’t be paid or your sidekick
In far north Idaho-I-O
In far north Idaho

We had a bumpy stage journey
Cause o’er the ruts we had to go
We stopped in Elk City dirty
In far north Idaho-I-O
In far north Idaho

Well, then the big cattle agent
Took us to the cow pasture grounds
Here’s the bunkhouse jolly cowboys
Here’s where all of you will lie down

Well, our grub the dogs would snarl at
The slats did not keep out the snow
We felt worse than a poisoned cat
In far north Idaho-I-O
In far north Idaho

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Looking at the lyrics...I do love Idaho-I-O. The first verse depends on our pay...I'm thinking they are moving cattle? next part signs the contract...x. Idaho-I-O is back...that's really a catchy hook. Ok, the cattle appear. Sounds like the dogs wouldn't like the This song is loaded with good stuff Larry, great job on this.

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This is quite catchy, Larry. I'm hearing country singers from the 50s and 60s taking a swing at this. I love the humor and earnestness of the entire song. Great work yet again!