Don't Have To Care

Don't Have To Care

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Liner Notes: 

I don't know what it is, but every time I try to do 50/90, the world conspires to make me busy during these months. But here's one I managed to do at the end of July, and I finished the mixing just then. It's another one off my rockabilly, rock and roll, blues album. This is really the first time I've tried playing real drums for a whole album, so some of my timing is a bit wonky, but I'm learning.


Don't have to care anymore
Now I have walked out that door
And though I tried to make ammends
It came to nothing in the end
A though you talked about commitment
In the end it seems
You still don't know what that means

Don't have to care anymore
'Bout when you lay down the law
'Bout all the bridges you burn
And the lessons you never learned
I've been walking on eggshells
For so many years
That now I have lost all of my fears

Don't have to care anymore
Cos I have walked out that door
And the truth you'll never see
Is I will land upon my feet
And I have already found
Better things to do
Than chase around after you

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Hi Kim, you are the king of modern Rockabillies and very much looking forward to this.

Looking at the lyrics...hmmm, when you walk out the door it seems you are the one who is not committing...that's what the lyrics are telling me, so far. Strong second verse walking on eggshells. I know some women won't like this but it usually is the man who gets shafted financially at the end of a marriage. The last section is really good too. You know Carl Perkins once said that most of the time Rockabilly songs start out with "Well...". By the way, I'm not saying walking away from a relationship is not the right thing to do. It depends on the eggshells and sometimes there are children involved. With no kids, shit, I'd be gone in a minute. I'm ready for the audio now and I already know it's going to kick my ass. You are the newest Rockabilly king Kim. Hold. Sounds great...has a live feel...great guitars...vocals now...loud and clear...can clearly understand the lyrics...walking on eggshells...this is live drums and guitars...great vocals as always...perfect pitch...better things to do than chase around after you...rockabilly. Yeah, man, that's awesome. I really like it, great job on this. Oh, and I don't if I heard a bass guitar in there. I'm going to listen again...hold. Yep, bass guitar is in there. Ok, it's all good.

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Heh. I even set up a mic on the bass guitar so I could capture the click. Smile