Liner Notes: 

Yes, I broke the "even numbers are instrumentals" pattern. Sorry about that.


It's hard to play piano
I think I lack the skill
to play a great concerto
Perhaps I never will

The simple fact is
I need to practise

To practise I continue
My teacher screams and shouts
"The talent is within you
but you have to draw it out!"

The simple fact is
I have to practise

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phoenixash's picture

"The talent is within you but you have to draw it out!" is a great line as it is funny and nonsensical in a way. Love the groove in this, the piano playing is fine... don't worry! kkkk

Hey now, you play piano way better than I do. Practice, huh? Yeah, I guess that works too, but there's something called quantize. Biggrin Fun vibe on this. A nice bit of bluesy rock.

sbs2018's picture

Pretty awesome. Like the Blues meets coffee house. Now I’m feeling guilty for not practicing my piano, telling myself I’m a modern musician - got the certificate, right?

jcollins's picture

The lyrics are pretty straight

I'm ready for the audio...hold. cool...moves quickly....vocals clearly understand the lyrics...perhaps I never will...I need to practice....guitar now...sounds great....key change I think...maybe not...practice I teacher screams and shouts...the talent is within you...but you have to draw it that piano....guitar again....vocals rule on this song...fade out...very nice!