Crow: Etude No. 1

Crow: Etude No. 1

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This is truly incredible. The already dark atmosphere grows and grows into an ominous crow sound, the cries, the flaps, everything comes together to form a haunting soundscape that should be a soundtrack to nightmares, which actually makes me delighted. This is a dark gem, I loved it. On a completely unrelated note today I discovered there's a species of crimson sunflower.

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Yeah, pheonixash pretty much said it all. My gothy, crow-loving daughter ambled by in her finest dark lord attire and said, "This is great!"

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I'm not sure why I'm such a fan of extreme bass drones in my headphones, but I am, and your track here scratches my itch.
Yeah, really nice headphone mix.
Those pitch-shifted crow noises are effective, like the spirits of the dead crying out from the other side.
Great work here for sure!!

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Amazing sound, deep and enveloping, patiently evolving so as to suggest we're surrounded by primal, unwavering powers. Talks to the guts.

Even after listening to a number of pieces tagged with "experimental" this summer, this stands out as something radically different and unexpected. It's brooding and ominous and alien, and it really made me sit up and *listen*. The manipulation of the crow calls retains their organic origin, but if you hadn't explained what was making the noise in your liner notes, I wouldn't have been able to identify them. *Very* cool!