The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

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Liner Notes: 

Jerry here: Was just a matter of time before I bring up Jimmy likes zombies too and help out on the lyrics. Thanks for listening.


The Walking Dead

The walking dead
You got zombies in your head
The walking dead
You got zombies like I said

It looked like it was walking dead
It didn't have half of its head
The radio is saying to stay indoors
Bodies are in the street and gasoline being poured
Is this a zombie apocalypse?
How can that man walk with a broken hip?
It tried to take a bite out of me
So I hit that sucker with hammer number three


It was in my shed
It seized me by the neck
I was impressed by its brute force
How it thudded to the floor
I turned and started walking
I'd like to call someone to stop dreaming
I was fighting psychically and mentally
It's packed with a few bodies


You have to stab it in the head
Bullets will bring every other walking dead
Try to stick it in the eyes
They can bite you underwater don’t even try
Their all messed up

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Hey Jerry, my friend wow and many thanks bro. You did an excellent job on your new song I like it. Yeah, I like zombies too lol. The chorus is very catchy, your lyrics are very visual. Your guitar solo sounds awesome bro.

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Hey man thats really good allround. Good song, great vox and killer guitar. This is a goodie!

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Hey hey hey this is a blast, it feels at times like a Morrissey type melody, but instead of being a sad song sung on happy notes it feels like a happy song about horrible stuff, love this point of view and feel of irony. I like the idea that the chorus is literal and not metaphorical hahahahahaah the performance is great and the guitar solo is quite good, it got me banging my head.

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would have fit right into the return of the living dead soundtrack, although i like it more than most of the songs written for that picture. the chorus is a killer. it is good to hear you shredding that again after the more subtle stuff you have been leaning toward lately.

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This must be the happiest sounding zombie song ever. I like the drum sounds, happy melody and chords, tambourine, and vocals, and Jimmy's lyrics are also fine with strong opening lines in "It looked like it was walking dead / It didn't have half of its head". Good job both of you. Smile