He Told Stories, And Sang Fifty Songs!

He Told Stories, And Sang Fifty Songs!

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Liner Notes: 

Hey Everyone, here is number 50. Thanks, your friend Jimmy

Jerry here. This time was a first for using crunch on my acoustic guitar. I like it..lol. I blew one line in the bridge, sorry. Thanks for listening.. Good job on this Jimmy.


He Told Stories, And Sang Fifty Songs

He had a few rainy days in July
He was happy to write
He had a few rainy days in August
As he promised
All his work is done
Then he said it's so nice to listen
He takes an hour to recharge
That's the way he writes

He Told Stories, And Sang Fifty Songs
It didn't take him too long
He Told Stories, And Sang Fifty Songs
His visual lines are strong

In September he had forty - nine ideas
Bobby and Cindy brought the drama
In October he will win his trophy
As he writes a little extra
He began to have fun
His lyrics soon fell into rhythm
The writing wasn't too hard
After he signs in and starts


He went over the wording
It was all working
At the tip of his tongue
He Keeps his inspiration open
He nodded and began writing

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Looking at the lyrics...raining July and August and an hour recharge...nice. Chorus is excellent with a solid 5090 message. The next section explains being on a songwriting roll...very nice. The bridge explains the process of writing songs. Great job on this Jimmy, I like it a lot.

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Hey Jerry, my friend wow and many thanks bro. You did an excellent job on your new song I like it. Your acoustic guitar and guitar solo sounds awesome.

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This is an interesting look into your writing habits, Jimmy. Your lines are visual for sure and you tell stories really well and in a very unique way. Jerry did a great job with this one. Catchy and energetic music is really nice. Great collab both of you! Smile

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a very deep perspective of the way you write and how you dream up your songs, storytelling, having a voice, what to say. All wonderful, the mood is very good and rocky! Congrats on your fifty songs a well earned trophy! Celebrate!

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This has a rockin' beat for sure and is catchy. Good guitar solo. The lyric reminds me of storytellers everywhere and street artists. Just doin' their thing in their own way. I like how the lyric divides it up by month as it gives it a time frame for all the creating. Good collab!