A Girl Named George

A Girl Named George

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A Girl Named George

Started life as a girl in nineteen thirty one
The old Texas doc yelled It’s a girl, not a son
My Daddy Jones fell down on his face on the floor
Then he opened up one bottle and drank some more
And what he did is something hard to get undone
He signed my birth certificate in bitter tones
My Mama didn’t see what Daddy did to me
Cause my Daddy he done gave me the name George Jones

So, at nineteen I left Texas
In Nashville, worked to make money
As a waitress down on Broadway
No cowboys would call me honey
Cause all the uniforms I owned
Had my name written as George Jones

I know I coulda had me any ‘ol cowboy
If Daddy had named me Daisy and not a dude
But when cowboys read the name on my uniform
They laughed so hard they couldn’t eat their plate of food
So, I just clean up the bar with my tray caddie
While I try to understand my own darn hormones
And that’s when I start in to cussin’ my Daddy
For him not a-namin’ me Daisy, but George Jones

One night I finished work on Broadway in Nashville
Then headed for my empty room
And I wished there was any way to change my name
That had brought on me so much gloom
When on the corner there stood a handsome cowboy
He said something that thrilled my bones
Cause what he told me was that his name was Daisy
Pleased to meet you then, I’m George Jones

Well, me and Daisy we got hitched
Got us a daughter and a son
Yeah, we named our girl Johnnie Cash
And our son Jill gets diaper rash
Now, when I get home from my job
Me and Daisy, we get along
When Daisy whispers in my ear
Dear, I’m in love with you, George Jones

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Thats a brilliant write! Hilarious. Such a clever new take on an old theme. The pièce de résistance being naming the child Johnny Cash.

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Interesting name twisting tale with the irony ending. I was thinking of A Boy Named Sue right from the first verse so was glad to see the Johnny Cash reference.