Dance With Me

Dance With Me

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Liner Notes: 

Don't like this one, but I spent time on it, so here it is.


Dance with Me
Susan Cantey © 2019

Can’t hear the birds with the window closed
Can’t see the sun if you stay indoors
If you want to feel the breeze as it whispers through the trees
Take my hand and come dance with me

You’ve stayed alone from dusk to dawn
But the wolves and the lions are all gone
It‘s time to believe, time to be free
Take my hand come dance with me

Dance in the sun
Dance in the rain
Dance in the wind
Don’t explain
Tap your feet
Sway your hips
The world be damned
Let ‘er rip!

God bless the child whose got his own
God bless the child who has a home
It’s a beautiful world if you’ve eyes to see
Feel the sun and come dance with me!


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cindyrella's picture

Are you a song making machine today? Love the message in this one!

Acousticmaddie's picture

Great performed and lovely little melody . The gorgeous lyrics are daning ostraight out and kisses the listeners heart softly. Well done

coolparadiso's picture

Yes nice melody, very clear clean and bright! A very nice song