It's Christmas Time Again

It's Christmas Time Again

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Liner Notes: 

I added a verse and a chorus to Cindy's lyric...never too early for Christmas.


It's Christmastime Again
© 2019 Cindy Prince & Susan Cantey

Shoppers with gifts
Snow blowing drifts
Children with gigantic grins
It's Christmastime again

Snowmen in yards
Holiday cards
Cold as it's ever been
It's Christmastime again

La la la…

Stockings on fireplaces
Kids with sticky faces
Parties will soon begin
It's Christmastime again

Families will gather
Food and laughter
The spirit of hope is within
It's Christmastime again

La la la…

Bell solo

Church bells are ringing
Choirs are singing
Angels on hovering wing
It’s Christmas time again

La la la…

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Ah, Susan. I've been away and forgot how much I enjoy your voice. Nice job on the lyrics, ladies, and I LOVE this song! I'm ready for Christmas after this miserable, hot summer. Great work!

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This is so Christmassy I think it might snow! Wonderful Christmas waltz and the bells make magical!

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Like you mention, Xmas is the time for choirs and I've been a choir singer for an ENORMOUS part of my life, so Christmas songs are a thing that you'd think I'd be through with, right? However, which heart doesn't melt with one? This is lovely in every sense of the word, the lyrics so evocative, it truly reminds me of a simpler time of life where it was easy to believe in the magic of home, love and togetherness. Beautiful vocals all the way!