Awaiting the Sun's Return 3 (Late Winter 3)

Awaiting the Sun's Return 3 (Late Winter 3)

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Liner Notes: 

And the last of the early August trio of wintry classical piano.

No I'm not chanelling Chopin's preludes, or at least, not intentionally. This more emphatically cold bit of music uses material nd motifs from #2, which is reasonable,a s all three in this series are basically the one piece of music. I think. Perhaps. Maybe.

Music Copyright © 2019 TJ Fatchen All Rights Reserved APRA/AMCOS Piano courtesy Garritan Personal Orchestra.

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Whenever I sit down at the piano, hoping to find some new melody, my fingers find an old melody. This piece is so dramatic in the beginning, takes a pause, and then the ending makes me smile. So triumphant! All 3 are probably the same piece of music. I sometimes do that with writing - I'll think I'm working on 3 books and it ends up being one story.

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This is more triumphant, the sun has definitely been spotted, after the long night and the desperation and the persistence there comes triumph, the second part is more pensive too, but I feel that it's more in a sense of - I learned something - that deepens character, you sorrow was deep, but now the joy can be even deeper.