Awaiting the Sun's Return 2 (Late Winter 2)

Awaiting the Sun's Return 2 (Late Winter 2)

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Liner Notes: 

In the same vein as Late Winter 1 but quicker and moodier if that's possible... Needs some further cleanup but I'm surprised at how it's coming out already.

Music Copyright © 2019 TJ Fatchen All Rights Reserved APRA/AMCOS Piano courtesy Garritan Personal Orchestra.

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Oooo, I really like the forward movement of the piano. All I have to do is hold on and it will take me where I need to go. Then I meet an obstacle, slowing me down, but I muster the strength to push through to get to my destination. Well done!

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The hope is even more present in this, going forward, were not just waiting, we're now chasing the sun.