Awaiting the Sun's Return 1 (Late Winter 1)

Awaiting the Sun's Return 1 (Late Winter 1)

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Liner Notes: 

I seem to be stuck in a pensive melancholic and depressive rut but what the hey. This is the first of three related neoclassical solo piano bits, roughed out in early August (2019). It definitely is winter so it might join the snowgum series which (one day) will have its own, achingly cold CD!

Another good-for-drinking-hot-buttered-rum-to bit of piano. Work in progress, complete with fluffs. For which hot buttered rum is useful too.

Music Copyright © 2019 TJ Fatchen All Rights Reserved APRA/AMCOS Piano courtesy Garritan Personal Orchestra.

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I think most of time when we feel this way the inspiration comes. How many happy composers do we know? But still, hope life will be giving you smiles again Smile
Very beautiful piece, very nice to listen to. There is a feel for a movie scene, or a documentary.

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So true. I write poetry on a daily or I should say nightly basis when I'm in that mood, struggling with something big. But when life calms down, there goes the poetry. This is so nice, relaxing, inspiring.

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The title in this for me is very explanatory or rather descriptive of the mood of the song, it's not simply the sun, but really joy that has to return. You certainly are luring joy out with this. It's pensive and it's moody and very blue, but the undertow is really hopeful. This is not depression it's a longing for things to be good.