A Long Way From Home

A Long Way From Home



Liner Notes: 

This is song 9, damn I've mixed 9 and 10 up. I'm so annoyed, I like to stick them up in the order they are written. if I didn't care then songs 15 and 18 would be up cos I semi completed the music to them.

Anyway, another random chord progression from random number sequence this time.

The title suggested itself and I managed to write 2 rough verses and a chorus, however the middle 8 holds the answer to the verses and It has not revealed itself to me yet. What is the singer sorry about? I don't know yet.

I tried to get a sort of laid back drum groove to this. I think I may have finally achieved a goal. Hip, hip...


A Long Way From Home
Music and Lyrics M M Scullion ©2019

I don't know where to begin
To resolve the situation I'm in
I try so hard to better myself
I sometimes neglect everything else

I'm such a long way, long way from home
I'm such a long way, long way from home

I know I need to talk to you
Use a video call to bring you closer
These wonderful inventions may be the key
But technology won't tell me how to say sorry

I'm such a long way, long way from home
I'm such a long way, long way from home

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katpiercemusic's picture

Are the lyrics supposed to go with this? I like the music and I can kind of see how they might fit together. I like the mood this evokes and I like that weird little transition at about 2:20. I like how it almost sounds like decaying tape.

Kristi's picture

There's a lot of angst in the lyric. I think the line, "I'm such a long way, long way from home" shows how confused and torn this person is. The music goes along with the tone of the story, I think. I sounds really good. It's on its way....it'll come together. Some ideas take longer than others...

cts's picture

Great composition. I'll ask as well: is the intent to read the lyrics in tandem with the music? I could see/hear how that would work. The arrangement you have is gorgeous. The lyrics are angsty, but it's critical to what I'm hearing. Nice work.

Acousticmaddie's picture

Great instrumentation. I can absolutely "Hear"/See the lyrics fit. Well written

musicsongwriter's picture

I have to admit I read your lyrics first and then listened to music without connecting lyrics with it and I liked each separately. The music sounds like a movie soundtrack and it feels like a thoughtful, reflective track while the lyrics feel dramatic and sad. Looking forward to hearing the development.

phoenixash's picture

The lyrics are so lovely and sad I can't wait to see how it's going to be put together with this lovely soundscape that you have created. It feels like a perfect backing to this wonderful melancholic lyrics, I do get the feeling of "answer" or "resolution" you are talking about, but, by the final section, it brings a true sense of something being "accomplished"

billwhite51's picture

thats a long long long intro ,appropriate for the lyrical sentiment to follow.. oops, it looks like the singer never made it home. well, its a good melancholic instrumental as it stands.