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Liner Notes: 

the bonza got me. not sure if I got her but it's all over now:) kanpai!


walking down the street
swinging to the beat
singing bonza bonza

groovy people meet
dancing while they speak
sayng bonza bonza

bonza bonza
bonza bonza --- kanpai!

make our feet
swing to the beat
sing bonza bonza

find a love
in the skies above
is written bonza bonza

another dance craze
totally out of place
bonza bonza

but i'm still walking down the street
swinging to the beat
singing bonza bonza

soredewa kanpai!

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This is so infectiously cheerful. I love this so much. I'm going to be singing this in the halls at work tomorrow, which is going to get me some strange looks, but I'm used to it.

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This is very catchy! Fun stuff. I see a visual of people meeting and greeting and dancing. Such happiness in one song....kazoo and all!

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Well, Bonza Bonza is quite catchy. Loved the kazoo part. Your delivery is inviting. Totally dig what you're bringing to the table with this one.

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What a fun and chipper tune. I like the lively rhythms, your deadpan vocal and kazoo delivery and especially the use of the word bonza. Oida, this is bodacious and totally tubular. Smile

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Gosh, I wish this was a real dance craze.
This is such a happy and catchy tune!
And of course the kazoo makes it so much better.
You made me smile this morning!

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Yeah baby, catchy melody and lyrocs. Made me smile after a really rough day. Thank you.