Liner Notes: 

Another of the random chord progressions. From a newspaper again. The problem with taking chords from newspapers is that the most common letters used are E and A so most song will have these 2 chords, but if you set rules to use the adjacent letters to affect the chords then you can get interesting results.

I have no lyrics.

The title came from the title of Chrissie Hynds book which I saw as I passed the bookshelf. I have not got round to reading it yet.

I think the title leaves some interesting lyrical possibilities

Music and Lyrics M M Scullion ©2019

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cts's picture

I dig the pop vibe on this one. It's danceable. You definitely know your way with arranging music. This is pretty cool!

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Peppy and happy. I would imagine this beautiful full of positivity backing has nothing reckless about it... I really wanna see this idea develop, as I feel there will be lots of contrast!