Racer V

Racer V

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Liner Notes: 

This song was composed on the OP-Z, and recorded it to tape using a 4-track recorder. Two of the tracks where for the OP-Z, and a third one was used to record a tape echo, using a Marantz PMD222 portable recorder. I was planning to use a synth for bass on the 4th track, but it didn't fit well with the song.

I love mixing new gear (the OP-Z) with vintage gear (the cassette tapes). Working with the cassettes has a nostalgic appeal to me, and the OP-Z is quickly becoming my favorite instrument.



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I'm not really familiar with the OP-Z but you have some really cool sounds here. I like the way it builds and becomes more complex then opens back down and back up. Nice layering and arrangement.