Bobby Is Green With Envy!

Bobby Is Green With Envy!

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Liner Notes: 

Hey Everyone, Bobby is jealous of Andy and Cindy now. Thanks, your friend Jimmy

Jerry here: I needed another day to make Jimmy's demo for the Sunday Skirmish "Green". Thanks for listening.


Bobby Is Green With Envy

Bobby Is Green With Envy
He has done something very foolishly
Bobby Is Green With Envy
He tried to kiss Cindy

She nearly ran him down slapping face
Without hope his heart would break
He tried to take what Andy has
She vented her wrath


Andy got her some ice
While Bobby managed to stay alive
It was nothing but pure jealousy
It was a fight against his legacy

Andy promoted her the slugger
Cindy to be a very good fighter
She is the bar champion
Bobby was bloodied and beaten
His drink is dry he is leaving
His drink is dry he is leaving

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Looking at the lyrics...Green with envy...nice (Full of desire for someone's possessions or advantages; extremely covetous.). I get the feeling that Cindy doesn't want Bobby's Slapping the face is a nice visual. Cindy's wrath...nice. In the bridge, sounds like Andy is laughing his butt off. Nice skirmish.

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This sounds kinds of 60's and so cool! Nice song you two.

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Hey Jerry, my friend wow and many thanks bro. You did an excellent job on your new song I like it. Your guitar solo sounds awesome.

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Don't mess with Cindy! A classic treatment of an old story. The music is killin'. Good skirmish y'all.