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Liner Notes: 

Thank you @mike skliar for the challenge. I believe it's my first one about school. I've been teaching the piano for many years and I miss teaching when it's holidays although it's good to get a break too. Here is my little poem. I don't have music for it so if anyone feels interested in collaborating with me please let me know. My words and title are open to suggestions. I feel like it's been my skirmish as I spent around 40 minutes. Anyway, here it is. Thank you for reading and for sharing your thoughts.


Words © 2019 Nadia Cripps

September is already here
It's time to get back to my school
Summer tends to quickly disappear
But after hot air Autumn breeze feels so cool

Back to work after a long break
I'm excited and looking forward to it
At 6 am I'm wide awake
By 7 I'm out of my door in my new outfit

What do I do now when I need to start at 9?
It's only 12 minutes to get to my school
I head to the coffee shop, spend time online
Find more ideas, perhaps a new music rule

Before too long it will be Christmas,
Then Spring, then Summer again
Nothing is on far too long distance
Life is like a fast train

I'd like to work at school as long as I can
At least for 20 more years. Well, that's my plan

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nicely done! and congrats on having only a 12 minute commute! (also on being a morning person, which i am not!)
nice to hear a positive thought in this challenge, too!

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I like how you go thru the day, Nadia. All those details. There's a positive tone all throughout and it's nice to hear a story about someone who loves their job!! Love that last line: "At least for 20 more year. Well that's my plan." Good energy right there!