How does it feel

How does it feel

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28 How does it feel - 50/90 2019

Liner Notes: 

Another one just for vocals fun.


How does it feel being on the other side
How does it feel crying alone at night
How does it feel
Seeing me kiss another man
How does it feel

You came crawling home
When she kicked you out
You said you didn’t know
What it was all about

But you weren’t sorry
You weren’t sorry for how I hurt
You weren’t sorry for your lying words
You weren’t sorry how you left me bleeding
Now, how does it feel

How does it feel being kicked to the curb
How does it feel getting what you deserve
How does it feel
Seeing what you lost
How does it feel

You kept calling my phone
But I’d already erased you
You kept saying oh please don't
But I’d already replaced you

Oh I’m not sorry
I’m not sorry for what I done
I’m not sorry, I had my fun
I’m not sorry, now I found my freedom
Now, how does it feel

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Wow! This is explodes as it the subject matter...and you hit it just right! Great repetition to send the message directly to this I like how the story comes around to her not feeling sorry. Fun, fun, fun stuff. Great vocal delivery and energy in the guitar....the slow build up in the verses and strumming. I can imagine it on stage with the singer really owning the stage singing this song! Great job!!

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Well now...I see/hear there's quite a bit to your range, ma'am. That's all kinds of cool! I shall affirm right here, right now that you know how to compose a blues legit. Tight little structure and narrative is familiar but you're having all kinds of fun and that's mighty refreshing. Keep doing what you love!

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smack in the face song! good job sure is a big number! the little runs are very good - you cant smile at the end Smile

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Whoa! Those are some awesome soulful bluesy vocals! So rich and emotive! And wonderful riffs on that bari uke!

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SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO groovy jazzy, bluesy, rocky aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, so vindictive and spiteful! Perfect! I love the energy in this, it's very Cry Me A River but MUCH MORE accusatory and intense. This is how we feel after a bad break up where we have turned things around As always I love your voice and your very emotional interpretation and good lord that high note slayed me to Heaven!