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Liner Notes: 

In stasis with headphones.

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Great galactic feel. It builds wonderfully with more complexity and energy. Really engaging and a pleasure to listen to.

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Yeah, "space" for sure.
Really nice headphone mix.
Lots of great noises comin' at me here.
Uh oh, that ultra low bass line signals trouble; maybe hostile aliens?
Yup, good work here for sure!

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cool spacey ambuient sound. Feels like as if we are expecting visitors just outside our athmosphere...

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It feels a little bit like I should be playing Super Metroid on the SNES. This is cool and the arrangement is very good. I like how you've transitioned so well that it's hardly noticeable. Next thing I know, I'm listening to a different bit. But it feels right. Very well arranged.

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Full synth sound...layers are nice...deep synth groove now...flute sounding melody now...riff synth now...changeup on bass...big changeup now...synch punch...some kind of sweep but not the full spectrum...duh duh duh duh duh duh duh...sound...snare hit now...drum groove...cowbell I think....large synth fill now..that sweep riff is continuing for a few minutes now...quite a bit going on right now..drums fell out now....and out. Yeah, quite unique...liked it very much.

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Tight arrangement, man. I agree about the transitions; solid, seamless and this grooves on its own otherworldly freeway.