Oh, Jenny!

Oh, Jenny!

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Liner Notes: 

I made another memo demo ( to remember the songs, for personal use only and never intended for people to hear in this basic form ). Basically, one session worth of song verses and choruses in the order they were composed. The ending, however, is from a finished song that was too long with it and it didn't fit the mood of that song either.

I'm finally getting the hang of this must-post-something-and-stay-in-schedule thing. I only want it to be more than three minutes long and enough of lines in the lyrics sheet so that it looks like a full song. Now I don't even feel embarrassed about the lo-fi quality of the demo anymore and just laugh at all the little things I left unfinished.

It's very liberating. I hope you enjoy it.


Oh, Jenny!

So once again I'm singing few sweet words to you
so once again I'm bringing bees and birds to you (?)
it's such a fine fine line
I want to make you mine
it's such a fine fine line
I want to make you mine

Jenny, Jenny I really don't mind
Jenny, Jenny, Jenny I really don't mind
Oh, Jenny, Jenny I really don't mind
really don't mind at all

She's the most peculiar girl
she's the most peculiar girl
and what's more peculiar is I like her ways
She's the most peculiar girl
she's the most peculiar girl
I'll trade my predictable nights for her strange days
any day

She lives in a castle far away
with unicorns and pixie-dusted fairies
when she gets lost in the quiet woods
little bears are bringing her blackberries

Uuh what a joy! Living in a fairyland
sitting in the...

( can't hear the rest of the words but they must be something really deep and meaningful... )

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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i like the way this starts out as another pop song with a girls name in the title, and develops from there into a unicorn filled fairy tale. i knew something special was going to happen when you went into that rjythm guitar break, but nothing prepared me for the wonderfully psychedelic climax.

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Different than I expected in a cool and interesting way. Love the different sections from the part where the bass drives forward in a cool riff to the peculiar Jenny section. Full of good surprises just as it seems Jenny must be!

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More of those rough demos please. Though I'm sure you'd turn this into a great song in full production. Hey, what a special turn this song takes around 2.20.. No one would have ever expected that. I'd say it's the song after this song Smile Till you sang about Jenny it was all very Beatle-like.

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I agree with @Ferry Colyer; I'm enjoying the lo-fi demos you are posting.
I also agree with the "Beatle-like" comments (which is a huge compliment).
Haha I like how your vocals just kinda...disappear.
Gosh, then it gets all Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd...
Quite an interesting turn of events...
So good, Klaus, so good!!

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Feels like I went in on a private serenade and found myself standing in a fairytale. Very well done

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I like the ummagumma ending. You have a lot of flavours in the song that make it hard not to psychedelically enjoy! Kumaraswoomingly abracadabra!

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First, without even reading the liner notes, the title Oh, Jenny...pulls me right in.

Looking at the liner notes... the rough draft is fine and your status is unmatched Klaus.

Looking at the lyrics...Sweet opening verse. The chorus is loaded with Jenny....very nice. The next section emphasizes peculiar several times so I decided to look that up (Out of the ordinary; odd; curious; unusual). Oh wow, the last part is unexpected and quite visual, castle, unicorns, ferries, woods, blackberries...all good. What a thrill living in fairyland. Nice job on this Klaus. I'm ready for the audio now....hold. Vocals and guitar...sounds good...Jenny Jenny...I really don't mind at all. Nice guitar chopping now...she's the peculiar girl...she lives in a castle far away...good melody...guitar changeup now...vocal sweep...sounds...I can't spell...middle east...snake in a basket...and unfold a very full second ideal. I couldn't type Egypt and screwed up my notes. Anyway, the sound at the end was like another song and both are terrific. Nice job on this Klaus. Your vocals and melodies are key to what we all like about you.

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Really cool blend of sweetness and trippiness - and almost all done with an acoustic guitar and your voice! A lot of interesting and always melodic twists and turns. It's like a mini-opera - I wish I could write like this.