Green Gone (Color Song #4, Skirmish)

Green Gone (Color Song #4, Skirmish)

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Liner Notes: 

My 4th "color" song. I wrote this yesterday, but cross my heart, it took an hour to write and record for today's skirmish Smile
Thinking about approaching autumn, and how I don't want summer to end! It was far too brief this year!

*Edit - I didn't realize, but I apparently left in the first "test" verse measures, which is why it repeats! Sorry about that!


Green Gone
Leaves of Brown
Animals burrowing underground
Silence all around

Green Gone
For too long
From warmth and light we’re torn
No more to sing their song

Green Gone

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This has a real 60s vibe to it. The wonderful folk singers of that era really were something special. I really do like the way that you have used a single feeling/event and very few words, and yet have been able to make it feel like a much longer lyric to the listener.
I listened while I had gone into my kitchen for my nightly fill of drugs, and it really sounded lovely and relaxing Smile

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Love that guitar riff and the rock folk feel. Great vocals! I love the elegant simplicity of the lyric and the strong sentiment it delivers.

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Looking at the lyrics...the coming of fall and winter. Long winter and the birth of a winter song. Clearly not a good thing (green gone). I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Nice guitar groove...vocals now...sounds good...good melody...pause...guitar gone...leaves are brown...animals burr....underground...silence all gone...nice that guitar. green...hold that note...and fade out. Very nice!

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Very catchy foot was tapping by note 2. Love the guitar! Shades of acoustic Nirvana to my ear! A simple lyric that says far more than the number of words. Very good skirmish.

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I share the feeling. A good song speaks to the listener. A+ on this one.

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Very beautiful song. We all miss Summer already. I'm afraid everything is too quick and it gets quicker and quicker. I love your singing and guitar playing. Thank you for the beautiful prompt. It is very open to suggestions so every song is about a different subject even though they are all about something green.

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The lyrics read like a poem - would be fun to recite.
I dig that guitar strum a whole lot. This song has bittersweetness and nostalgia, with a nice kick and groove. Good one, and thanks for the prompt!

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I totally agree. I always get super down when summer ends. It's my favorite time of the year!
That walk down sounds like the slide from summer into fall. The longing in your voice too.
Good stuff!

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I just love the! The simple lyrics with such wonderful music and vocals. Wow!