Far Out of This World

Far Out of This World

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Liner Notes: 

Part of Random Collabs round 2

spir's notes:

@coolparadiso knocked it out of the park with these lyrics, which I think he drafted in just a morning (!) and have some eminently singable parts. I've been sitting on ideas for this for weeks, but none came through quite as clearly as this idea which kept me up last night. I feel like these were tailor-made for a slow rockin' electronic jam. So much fun, thank you!


V1 I wander through the corridors
Through this cool dark place
Not knowing where i am
In this time and space

V2 Im feeling so uncomfortable
Nothing seems quite real
I try and put it out of my mind
but its just how I feel

C Oh oh oh oh oh OH
My enthusiasm curbed
I feel like I am far
Far out of this world

V3 Nothing that i recognize
Nothing here for me
Looking at the bolted doors
No chance to break free

V4 I wonder about my sanity
My mind just comes and goes
Some days I’m on top of the world
Sometimes the blinding lows

C Oh oh oh oh oh OH
My enthusiasm curbed
I feel like i am
Far out of this world

B They say one day you never know
Ill leave this place behind
Another place another time
I hope that i can find

C Oh oh oh oh oh OH
My enthusiasm curbed
I feel like i am
Far out of this world

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Oh oh oh the big wall of synth sound matches up perfectly with the contained yet infinite lyric. Well done on the collab!

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This is fantastic! I love the drive of the heavy kick, the deep rich bass foundation, the awesome percussion, the cool moving synth layers, and the flow to the melody. The contrasts between sections works really effectively and the oh oh oh build in the chorus is really awesome with the melody and vocals. There is a wonderful I industrial feel! The lyrics are brilliant -succinct and compelling! Kudos on creating such a great song!

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Oh wow - this right here? Oh this is big. It has a Depeche Mode vibe that works on so many levels. Great collaboration. The lyrics and music converge in sonic goodness. I'm digging this big time. Aaaaaaaaand I'm gonna save this one, too!

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Nice collab. I get that eighties vibe too. Contained lyric nicely paints the picture whilst the music takes us there. Nice work.

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Those lyrics clearly DID inspire you--fantastic musical arrangement! And very, very nice vocals! Wow!

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Looking at the lyrics...ok, the first verse is drifting somewhere unknown at this time. v2 feeling uncomfortable. Chorus...knock out with the Oh oh oh oh oh OH. Still, even in the chorus has a feeling of being lost. v4 hits home for me with my mind comes and goes. The bridge sounds like the afterlife. Nice job on this John. Especially like the Oh oh oh oh oh OH...lol. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. cool...vocals now...very strong...sounds very good...can clearly understand the lyrics...oh oh oh oh...very nice...vocals really bringing this home. Very full sound...especially on the vocals...I hear cowbell in there...I think. nice driving music...clap now...vocals continue to carry this tune....very good demo. Makes me think twice about asking for a thrid round of random collabs...lol. Ok, it's over, and I didn't expect this at all. Very nice by both.

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The 80s live on... and this lyric just really fits your style, spirulence. Great collaboration!

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Groovy pads. I was drawn by the "spacey" tag. And this song doesn't disappoint. I like the chorus with the arpeggio and the "oh oh oh" part. I also like the top of the world / blinding lows bit.