Tried To Walk On Water

Tried To Walk On Water

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Liner Notes: 

I guess a reggae-blues hybrid ...
Barely NSFW - a couple of words that are part of my conversational vocabulary, but still might offend.


Tried to walk on water didn’t end so well for me
Tried to cross the river and I got swept out to sea
Thought I knew more than every teacher in the school
Thought I was a messiah but I was just a fool

Tried to walk on water but I was showing off
I read the laws of physics and I did smugly scoff
Waist deep in muddy water no life boat in sight
Gators all around me looking for a bite

All my meditation - thought it made me lighter
Compared to my classmates thought my star burned brighter
What I mistook for levitation
Was ego bullshit and hallucination

Tried to walk on water though Dad said hold on son
Thought I was an avatar chosen one
With my big fat head well I was bound to sink
Now water all around me and not a goddamn drop to drink

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can't listen right now, but read the words- brilliant! love the idea and love the way you did it!

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very clever musically and lyrically. you do great to keep in time! really liked this - very catchy in that sort of stuck in the middle with you way!
- wouldnt be NSFW at my place Smile

musicsongwriter's picture

Very cool take on skirmish. Interesting story and musical delivery.

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Super skirmish! Love the lyrics and you always are me with your music!

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Haha... this was a hoot, Chip!
I was convinced your meditation was gonna be enough to make you float, I guess we both were wrong. LOL

cts's picture

Cleverly written and performed. I chuckled more than a few times at this one. You nailed it, Chip!

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Ha! Great take on the skirmish! Love the insight and perspective you bring to this with a wink of humor and what feel like serious underpinnings. Very clever and compelling!

"Blues-reggae hybrid" is spot-on. Got some good laughs from this one, too.

Wry observation, well written - I've lost count of the number of people I've encountered over the years teaching loss of ego as the key to spiritual enlightenment, and every last one of them had a massive ego...

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This is hilarious ! Love it Smile Very well delivered and some clever lines in there.