Bobby Had The Hiccups!

Bobby Had The Hiccups!

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Liner Notes: 

Hey Everyone, Bobby is trying to get through this hiccup. Thanks, your friend Jimmy

Jerry here: Still hammering away at Jimmy's "A Look At Bobby's Nightlife" 2 CD concept album. Should be ready for Bandcamp in a few more days. Thanks for listening. Oh, this song was actually a one take man with a fender. I do this stuff so much now I'm just continuing to roll along.


Bobby Had The Hiccups

Bobby Had The Hiccups
Andy and Cindy turned to watch
Bobby Had The Hiccups
He hugged his beer he was ready to launch

He got up way too fast
He was extremely smashed
People say they know that face
In this event they don't have to wait


He was loud and very sleepy
He drank it too quickly
It passed over his vocals cords
It knocked their bottles to the floor

Bobby was on a roll at the bar
People say it was the best one so far
They didn't let the irratition show
Andy and Cindy wanted to go

Bobby was so amazed
Later on in their bar he explained
His major hiccups
How he tried to hit them but they ducked
He deserves to be praised

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Hey Jerry, my friend wow and many thanks bro. You did an excellent job on your new song I like it. Your fender guitar sounds awesome.