My Sweet Irish Heather

My Sweet Irish Heather

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Liner Notes: 

I haven't written an Irish one this year so wrote this one this morning.


My Sweet Irish Heather
© 2019 Cindy Prince

I came to Ireland one summer
I fell in love with a lass
We were young and restless
Wished the days wouldn't go by so fast

She was named for the heather
That covered the Irish land
In my mind I still go back there
To my Heather's lovely homeland

Oh how I miss my Heather
I long for her tender touch yet
Who would I have been without her
If we'd never have met
Oh how I miss my sweet Heather

I remember lying in the heather
With the most beautiful lass in the world
I wish she could still be my girl

I left when summer ended
It nearly tore me apart
I know even now this truth
My Irish Heather has half my heart

Repeat chorus

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Nicely passionate and bittersweet, conveying a feel of timeless romance. It will surely sound great with Celtic arrangements.

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Great imagery, Cindy, with the heather. You've created a sad story but very universal too. Full of desire and longing. I like the title a lot! I hope to hear it!