They Broke Up

They Broke Up

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Liner Notes: 

If anybody pays attention to my music, they know my fondness of vocal samples.
Found a sample on Splice of someone breaking up with someone.
Chopped it up to make this, laying all the vocal bits.
Then drums.
Then pads.
Then bass.
Then the weird leads and stuff.

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the awkward hypocisy of the kiss off is captured in all its black humor here. love all those sounds blasting and dipping around the repeated break up cliches.

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I like stealing samples and building tunes around them, too.
Great bass drones.
Good headphone mix.
"I care about you a lot"; haha definite breakup red flag there for sure.
Excellent use of the samples.
I really enjoyed this tune!

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This works really well. Love the vocal sample processing - the repeated "this is a little awkward, but" makes a great hook - especially as the 'but' leaves you expecting something more, so you're primed for whatever the music does next.

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You do such amazing things with your music! I love how you incorporate and morph these vocal samples to create a compelling tapestry with such threads of truth. This piece works really well as the message and music fit so well together to tell a familiar relatable story in such a unique way!

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There are many raiders of the sample vault. Myself being one such a person. Dude - that change up at the 1:28 mark...brilliant! This is a great example of how samples can be utilized to make cohesive, groovy, introspective narratives. I love this.

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im an almost always headphones person - so i get the best out of these. I really like this one - that vox keeping on is killer nicely done

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tack something....awkward...a little awkward...bud...synth on beat groove...pads now...good short melody...changeup on the drums...keys sweep...a little awkward bud...quite unique...I care about Nice, I like it.