Greenhorn Song

Greenhorn Song

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Liner Notes: 

Ready for your music, recording, marketing. List Larry W Jones as lyrics writer.

Corey says: By no means do I call myself a Country writer and/or player but this lyric intrigued me with its imagery and I had an idea that I just had to run with. Sometimes you got to get right out of your comfort zone to advance in your songwriting craft Smile


Greenhorn Song

Come on greenhorn, bring your saddle
Keep your head up and use your brains
Bring your new spurs, lasso, bridle
Cause from now on you’ll ride the plains

Keep your eyes on crusty cow hands
Old cowboys who can strut their stuff
And some day you’ll be in command
Play it smart and grow tough enough

Come on greenhorn and mount your hoss
These old cowboys all know their trade
Wranglers, cooks, stockmen and trail boss
This working ranch is where they’re made

Keep your mind on all the things son
That makes a cowboy of renown
Make mistakes and you won’t be one
And then you’ll let that new wife down

Come on greenhorn, watch the branding
The Rocking-J will burn rawhide
And while they’re down, you be handy
A pocket knife makes bulls denied

Keep your eye on that red heifer
That’s her new calf and she’s got fight
Wear those chaps of brand new leather
You’ll be riding night herd tonight

Come on greenhorn and git with it

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I can feel the grit in my teeth already. The lyric puts me right there.

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I'm loving the descriptive tones of your lyric I can smell the herd in the air... I certainly don't consider myself a country player however I'd love to have a go at putting music to this. May I please?

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Corey, WOW and Yee Ha! Great rendition and the instrumentals have just the right tempo.
This is one I didn't think would get recorded. Really good job.
Thanks pard. Now, git with it (recording all them cowpoke tunes) like real greenhorn wrangler.