Here's to All the Forgotten

Here's to All the Forgotten

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Liner Notes: 

The lyric for the chorus to this song was in my song babies folder. The post I read lately on Facebook by one of my fellow songwriters who was discouraged and felt like quitting, inspired me to write the verses and compose the music. I'm not happy with the bridge melody, but it's time to move on. Have to go into school soon. These one day work weeks are murder. LOL


Here’s to All the Forgotten
Susan Cantey © 2019

In a dusty room a woman sings
A song she created in her soul
But no one will hear her voice today
Her story will never be told

Here’s to all the folks who write the songs that’ll never sell
Here’s to those who fall in love all by themselves
Here’s to the singers who’ll never be heard
Here’s to all the forgotten by the world

He plays guitar in a honkytonk bar
While the customers laugh and drink their beers
His voice isn’t great, it’s been weathered by the years
By long lost loves and long-lost tears


Here’s to the lives lived in quiet desperation
Here’s to those who give others inspiration

There are days when all I do is sleep
Fog surrounds me, grey and thick and deep
But then the music plays inside of me
Life goes on and I’m back on my feet


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So many of us have probably asked ourselves why we keep doing it. Great song that we all need to hear!

Love these lyrics! Just about everyone here can relate I'm sure. I guess Cindy is right that we ask ourselves why we keep doing it, but you can't give up a true love.

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i really loved this one! i had a guitar in my hand while listening and picked notes all through it! A really nice song - and of course you have that voice! This is a keeper

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Thanks for writing a song for almost all of us. We do keep hoping and trying and having fun anyway. Good job.

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As all have said - the lyrics are so relatable and poignant. Music is a passion. Luckily for me at least my wife reads or hears everything I wiite or create and she is my biggest fan and is so supportive - and in the long run her support means the world to me and is all I need. This is gorgeous - I love the melody and the guitar and vocals. I love listening to your music so if you are ever feeling like no one listens it’s not true. I listen more than I comment as sometimes I play songs at work or in the car.

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Again, your gorgeous vocal delivery reminds of Joan Baez. This is a gorgeous ode to unrewarded efforts, and certainly a comfort for forsaken songwriters. Very lovely.

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Wow! A songwriter's song! Thank you for writing this one and thank you for sharing it with all of us. It's great!

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Love it! You're speaking my language here, for sure.

musicsongwriter's picture

What a beautiful song! Very relatable, poignant, passionate, performed so beautifully! Absolutely love it.