Liner Notes: 

And so we move from Brian Eno to Tom Waits, and a full-on pastiche of his style which naturally includes the Toontrack "Twisted Kit" EZX created by Michael Blair, Tom's drummer. It's in C, in 3/4.

The lyrics were inspired by T. S. Eliot's "The Waste Land", specifically section III, "The Fire Sermon":

"O the moon shone bright on Mrs Porter
And on her daughter
They wash their feet in soda water."


You know you oughter
tell your daughter
Never bathe in soda water
All those bubbles
in the tub'll
cause the girl no end of trouble

The friend who always turns up late
and grandpa's heavy drinking
Habits are the things we do
when we're no longer thinking

Your son's no better
Going to get a
chill from sleeping in a sweater
Ditch the drama
Kick your karma
Buy the boy some new pyjamas

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billwhite51's picture

what a nightmare to wake up to. before going to bed last nght, i listened to eliot read the love song of alfred j pruffock. it scared the crap out of me. now this, with my apple pie and coffee. i better go back to sleep and hope i dream of cats.

Susan Cantey's picture

Ha ha! Great advice for your young'uns. The dark voice is scary good! Love TS Elliot.

mike skliar's picture

great fun!!! love the whole concept and soundscape- that tuba sound and the percussion together- they rock!!
love that line about habits!

this is a keeper for sure... unique and engaging...

wobbie wobbit's picture

sounds like you had great fun with this one. love the scritchy creepy instrumentals. the instrumentation is lovely - such cool percussion and tuba is ace.